The King of Fighters

The King of Fighters

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Live-action attribute based on the computer game “King of Fighters”.

Cast and Credits

Starring: Sean Faris, Will Yun Lee, David Leitch, Maggie Q, Ray Park,.
Directed by: Gordon Chan.
Release Year: 2010.

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64 Responses to “The King of Fighters”

  1. rocker says:

    Opino igual k la mayoria de todos los k en vdd somos fan de king of fighters….es un asco esta diske movie….dedikence a ser peliculas mediocres de otra cosa no se metan kon los comics o video juegos…xk komo en varioas casos de peliculas normales (x asi llamarlas) basadaas en libros….JAMAS JAMAS JAMAS se acercan a la realidad….y ahora k se meten kon kof….no inventen…dedikense a otra cosa y lo original dejencelo a los k en vdd saben k es kof….lamentablemente no haran nada al respecto….k mal

  2. Diego says:

    ¿Porque carajo hacen estas peliculas? mejor dicho, ¿porque las peliculas basadas en video juegos son dirijidas por idiotas que no tienen idea acerca del juego?

    El 100% de las peliculas basadas en video juegos son malisimas porque las hace gente que no entiende un carajo, solo quieren plata y hacen cualquier verga.

    Los maldigo a todos hijos de puta.

  3. Jokar says:

    esto es una basura… no tiene nasda que ver kon la saga de The King of fighters…. nosotros seguidores de este juego, si lo acepto es un juego, pero estos tipos que se hacen llamar actores, no saben ni de ke diablos trata el video game… fuck you!!!!!

  4. Hollywood is Dead says:

    I’m American and this is pure Bulls**t. When well China buy Hollywood and start mass producing there own true stories? They could involve ancient Asian empires and spiritual sacrifices with meanings. But NOOO we have to fight with f****g swords the only characters in KOF game that has swords is probably a few percent, the rest use there f****g hands and feet, this is Bulls**t. Not only that, but where the HELL is TERRY BOGARD? He Has officially been in KOF sense Fatal Fury begin with King of Fighters in (1991). Him and his brother only 2 F****g Americans I see in the game. I could be wrong, but If there are no pure breed Asians acting in this movie either,
    1. Hate it
    2. Think it’s going to be some seriously ugly and distorted looking characters in the movie.
    3. the last 3 *main actors* Sean Faris, Maggie Q, Ray Park, who are Americans is f****g randomly picked this is all Bull***t and setup.

  5. Terry Bogard says:

    Honor the Asians, movies like this just crucify there knowledge wisdom and understanding of life and death. This movie is f****g DUBBED!!! nuf said! I hope all Asians force us to learn their language. American language doesn’t belong with any original Asian art work including games and movies. I’m American and still believe that should be the way.

  6. CaLyPsO says:

    This is serious shit…am ashamed of playing the legendary game now..i could have made a better movie , tekken sucked too , no characters at all…max payne sucked big time too…hitman was ok…dragonball z sucked big time…PS : WHEN WILL SOME ONE COME UP WITH A GOOD MOVIE RELATED TO VIDEO GAMES ?? sad world we are living in…

    No Terry Bogard , No Ralph , No Iori ,No Kyo No Benimarru.. Shame on the director…This movie not only destroys the name of KOF but also puts a bad impression on kids who have never played KOF..


  7. aivan says:

    wow this really sucks!
    why do they changed the story of the characters?
    no watching!

  8. joshua says:

    no maaaaaaaaaaaa eso que espadas??? y donde estan las fuerzas los poderes el fuego el hielo y todo lo que le hacia interesante a the king of fighters ke mierda
    esta de mierda this really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! ni si quiera conocen la historia cuando podran hacer una buena version de un video juego ????? todo esta horrible que hay de la gente que nisiquiera a jugado kof

  9. KinGiovanni!!! says:

    Yo ppl what the fuck… do u remember the cartoon and the story its about Yagami and Kyo in reality.. it is so exiting but now the movie? well i don’t know what to say if it will be good or not, but it must be wwwwaaaaayyyyy better than dragon ball the movie coz dat sucked i remember… so let not judge it yet it might be good… Cya my favorite is Yashiro and he is not even included what the shit is dat

  10. twinview69 says:

    The Only thing I can think of is that Hollowood is Piss that the game are doing better the the Movies right now…as say for Entertainment….that is why they Kill every game to Movie adapt they make….

    Or they JUST DON”T GET IT….

  11. Fenix says:

    tenia que ser chino el idiota al que se le ocurrio esto

  12. jose reyna says:

    x qke oigan las pewrsonas kqe asen estas peliculas x favor aganla bien por qke the king of fighters es un juego genial
    este es uno de mis juegos favoritos y la idea de la pelicula me encanta ase mucho queria que saliera lago asi pero x fa agan la bien los actores qke se parescan los poderes x fa qke se miren con ganas y qke sigan la histora the king of fighters no como la porkeria de dragonball evolution que es eso no me jodan yo ubiese podido aser algo mejor i eso qke no soi director de peliculas… x fa esfuersense un poco mas

  13. Erikson says:

    Bring the plot to clean my ass after I poo!!!!

    don’t try spend money makin shit movies

    ps.: I watched it

  14. KOF 97 says:

    Except for the first Mortal Kombat movie, the rest are all bullshit!!!
    This ones the worst so far, its no where near the actual game, its pathetic!!! Youd think these movie makers would have learned by now, to just stick to the storylines.
    Your main target market for these movies are die hard fans of these games, PLEASE STOP insulting us with such BULLSHIT!!!

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