Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

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Seoul, in the 1940s, under the Japanese policy. A Diamond, the nationwide spirit, “The light of East” on the legend appears! The Japanese army make an effort to fine the Diamond which was on Seok-Gul-Am. Ultimately, A basic of military obtain it. He opens up a celebration for gaining and sending out the precious stone to Japan … The finest of prfessional defrauders in Seoul begins to the project of trembling Cho-sun history. Bong-gu suggests Choon-ja, jazz music vocalist, to head to the celebration to use her appeal to steal the diamond. Choon-ja likewise is the very best of thiefs, the various other name of hers is “HaeDangHwa”, has a plan to steal diamond. Each various other start to take the diamond.
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Starring: Park Yong-Woo, Lee Bo-Young, Kim Su-Hyeon,.
Directed by: Jeong Yong-Gi.

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