Get Low

Get Low

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For many years a tale has spooked the foothills of the East Tennessee Appalachians. The tales concerning the shotgun-wielding recluse are myriad. Some say Felix Bush (Duvall) has eliminated guys with his hands and at 70 years of ages he still appears can and would certainly. When he boils down from capitals, individuals manage him like something untamed until he vanishes again in to the hill mist. A couple of people don’t forget when he was a brilliant and restless youthful man with goals of seeing the world. Exactly what could have possibly happened to him? Nobody knows considering that he has never ever claimed. Everybody believed he would take his secret to the tomb. They were nearly ideal. However now the intense hermit is applying a funeral … for himself! Everyone is welcomed. Based on a true story, 10 thousand folks have arrived to listen to the local legend unearth the astonishing honest truth of a 40 year-old technique.

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Starring: Bill Murray, Robert Duvall, Lucas Black, Sissy Spacek, Gerald McRaney
Directed by: Aaron Schneider
Release Year: 2009

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  1. michael Barnes says:

    My mother Eleanor Quinn Barnes daughter of Frank Quinn was at this event. She has newspaper ncilppings of it! wonder why no one has contacted her.

  2. Olive Talley says:

    Why isn’t Bill Cobb mentioned as much and named with all the other stars? That’s not right and you know it.
    Olive Talley-Georgia

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