Blood Done Sign My Name

Blood Done Sign My Name

Movie Details

A dramatization based on truth tale where a black Vietnam-era expert is purportedly murdered by a regional white business owner which is later exonerated. plot concentrates on the duty of a local higher school teacher and the civil agitation that followed the acquittal.

Cast and Credits

Starring: Michael Rooker, Rick Schroder, Omar Benson Miller, Lee Norris, Lela Rochon
Directed by: Jeb Stuart
Release Year: 2010

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3 Responses to “Blood Done Sign My Name”

  1. Jamile Byrd says:

    “BDSMN” marks the most exciting filmmaking experience I’ve been a part of so far! The cast, crew, and extras worked hard and took pride in this project. May its message ignite a sense of awareness and the power of peace.

  2. Paul Milton says:

    I am looking to take my church youth and members to see this film. Please let me know where I can view this in Charlotte, NC. I also need to know the dates of this feature film.

  3. jessica says:

    this is such a sad story… i cant believe someone would shoot someone just b/c of their race…

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